14 February 2006

To My Valentine

"Kabhi to ki hogi suraj ne chand
se mohabbat
Tabhi to chand mein daag hai,
Mumkin hai ki chand ne ki
hogi bewafai
Tabhi to suraj mein aag hai."

Most of the times in this world very small and inordinate thing give the spark to the mundane-ness of life. I was in standard 11, when it all started. I was doing my studies from JPBS School – an all boy’s school. The libido of adolescence and the fun of being part of the Gen-X were so thrilling. I went to another college fresher party (Obviously uninvited officially but still could manage a pass from some CONTACTS). We had been part of lots of fun, each member were tagged and given a number. Then came the special moment, we were being sited opposite the girls. The rule of the game was that the anchor will call out numbers at random, one from the boys’ gallery and another from the girls’ gallery. Then the candidates will be asked to perform something based on a draw. I was wearing number 5, astrologically perfect according to the numerologists as I was born on the same date. The game progressed and I gradually became very conscious of the “what if!” factor. When things had to go wrong they will always go wrong. I heard the announcement: “Number 5 and Number 3”.

I skipped a bit, I raised my hand for clarification but to my horror it was my number which was called. Why should I be scared! This is my moment of Glory… Come-on Sam, pump yourself. But the mere thought of trespassing in an alien college was enough to give butterflies in my tummy.

As if the surprises kept on coming, some days are just like that. I was told to perform a ball dance with number 3. “Who the hell is number 3”? I kept gazing in the direction of the girls’ row. I saw a girl wearing a blue kurti with properly made hairs and beautiful eyes (just that I’m sharing this with you don’t tell it to anyone, she has the best and most kissable lips that I have ever seen) rose.

Voila! It’s just my day. All of a sudden I could feel the devil and the angel inside me singing the same tune. “It’s your day Sam.”

She was very apprehensive. The noises and the cheers and the Oh-So-Obvious looks are filling up the room. She is just 2 feet away from me. I was lost. Her eyes kept me distracting, my brain was running riot and it seemed that someone has pulled the cell out of a clock. A couple of footsteps and we are in arms distance.

The noise receded and the titanic tune started filling the air. I looked sidewise only to find people putting their thumb up, in a sign to boost my ego. I was apprehensive of one thing that I don’t belong to that college and I’m a trespasser. I came close to the girl and whispered at her ears, “I’m not from this college, so please don’t mind and please try to understand my situation”.

I don’t know whether that was foolish enough or brave enough on my part. Just that I was honest and I value that. I hold her waist, just before dancing she told me “Hey Mr.5 thanks for telling me the truth, actually I’m also not from this college, just a trespasser”.

Thanks for trespassing Number 3. Love you and happy Valentines Day from Number 5.