26 July 2009

Whirlpool of Thoughts

It's been a whirlpool of thoughts. Not that I did warrant all these but I feel myself nerdy and lost. Just that when all the thoughts in my mind pointing to the ever increasing gap in my desire and reality. I'm at war with myself! I did piss some people because of this, but I should have kept my mouth shut. Today I realized that the best speech I ever regretted is the one I gave while I was angry. I should be more mature, think this is how you learn.

Everything that I did come across today, my brain wired that into the annoying part. Good that the day ended, and it's back to normal. :)

Sometimes you really need such days so that even ordinary days seemed to be great in contrast. So how were things with you lately? And when did you get mad with yourself?


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13 July 2009

The Week That Was

Did this ever happen to you?

You imagine things to go some way and then suddenly you find yourself standing at the cross road of something totally different. Then, there is a conscious alignment of your thoughts, just that the roads can't be re aligned but the direction can.

I for quite sometime in past couple of years lived like quarter miles a day vision. It's entirely fun though! Not only you don't know what to expect it helps it from doing away with the cribs too. At the end you are not sure what you want to be! And again start the next quarter mile journey with freshness. Oh! The tires need to be changed and the gas needs to be filled! That's ok for a journey.

The week had been a mixture of event. Had a great time with mom, but she kept of pushing her agenda that I should settle down and how it will help me in my future. Think every mom has a thing for their kids, and can't accept that kids too grow and may be at times out grow their thinking. But, I guess that's the norm. No complains. Well, back in work my manager gave me an hour lecture about how ones performance is not related to ones promotion in the company. Let's see what all I need to hear! Friends are doing good, did meet with lot of them this week and had a talk with some of them. I really miss my messy hostel life!

Well, hope the next week turns out to be interesting apart from the mundane stuffs. Planning to join Salsa classes but not sure if they accept without partners! Let's see.

Happy week folks, btw, I did see that this blog is also visited by folks from western India apart from Mumbai. Shall I presume their silence to be the comments of things gone by? Just a flickering thought.

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01 July 2009

Finally I'm Hooked

Been there Done that would suitable fit me if I were to re orient the clock back at least 7 years.

Did try my hand into getting past some servers and the obnoxious firewalls of networks, moved a motor by hard coding the PCB using Linux shell. And the biggest of them finally executed the elevator program during the practical examination of my C Lab, by just asking the examiner what she expects as inputs and output. Well, the last one may be some 8 years back. Was quite a net savvy person, got a gmail account thanks to a friend at mountainview where google alpha tested it to only 1000 people. Screwed my machine so many times as the worm code got so wrong, even short circuited my mother board. But in every thing I did I enjoyed and the adrenaline rush of screwing things up was immense.

Enough of bragging huh!

And it took me so long to open a facebook account. Well, people must be thinking that I just landed from the bronze age. Ok! I admit I was considerable lazy (I wish I had a better excuse), but today I opened facebook account. Not that I was not aware of the facebook buzz. Just couldn't get into it. This again added twist, I registered to facebook some couple of weeks backs through my mobile thanks to the buzz about personal user name. Just that complete forgot the ID. Add to the wound people in my contact list are already added in it. So after long hours of unsuccessful (legal) way of finding I gave up hope and created a new profile. I wish my friends will eventually migrate into this page.

Not sure if this is something a person blogs about but the only significance I find if facebook were to be a country the population would be more than 200 million strong. Well, as rest of my day went, in the office was busy helping folks in migrating to a different floor. Back home had an hour long call with a lady trying to put across her view when things went so wrong. Will, share this sometime later when I get somewhat clear picture.

Mom and dad coming tomorrow have to attend one relatives wedding after that a friend's reception. The good news it's raining and the temperature is down.

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28 June 2009

Jun 28 2009

Did this ever hit you?

You want to write but just couldn't focus on any specifics. Will it be on the daily clutters, long lost girl, life lessons, new girls or pure cribs? Well, my thoughts are running empty for the moment.

Ummm..., it's more than a decade back when I was in my high schools I met this girl. Cute dimple face with buttoned nose. Man, she was one big chatter! Ask about something, she would promise you a trip to moon and back. I met here some days back quite unexpectedly after all these years and to my worst fear she has become a doctor! OMG!

:-) wish her all the very best and think her medicines are of more use then her generous suggestions. I'm having an head ache, need to call her up and try out which works better!

Lot of things to do even it's Sunday.

I am currently reading:

1. The Winners Stand Alone - Paulo Coelho
2. When Everything Changes Change Everything - Neale D Walsch
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27 June 2009


World's first Global Superstar. MJ we will ever be missed.

I like millions of my age, literally grew up listening to his music. What is so much astounding about MJ is he let do his style of music talking and became the first Black person to have his music video aired at MTV. 13 Grammy's and rest is history.

Today I woke up with the news and man I felt very sad. Trying to get what so ever information of this tragic event. There may be debates about the nature of debt he left behind thanks to the pink papers. But, somewhere at least a part of me is still singing Billey Jane.

MJ you will be so much missed, but you united the world with your style of music.

Watching "Gone too Soon" video from his album "Dangerous". You are truly a unifying factor.

Need to check in his album sales post these events. MJ RIP, from one of your unknown fan!

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26 June 2009

Just another Day

Subtle thoughts through out the day. Had a pretty ordinary day, something that often we pass as a regular day. No more of any space cracking stuffs.

Tried catching up with old connections, but trust me I miss the hyderabad birayani. Wish I had one! Anyways, somethings got moving at office and not much of a clarity elsewhere. Need to catch up with loads of friends, becoming a troglodyte! That's scary.

Let's see what comes tomorrow. Have a good time.

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24 June 2009


The most disappointing aspect that I find is when you get a small salary which even full fills most of your needs. It weeds out your aspiration, suffocates your spirit and ultimately throws up an aversion to change. It's pity for your 20 years of education, at least there you would have studied new subjects every year.

Some people are grossly parasitic. What I see people who shamelessly bargain tends to be lucky. And what a fool I'm to intellectually rationalize. It defeats my cognition for people who should have been more mature blindly following Pigeon Hole theory. They have made a socialism out of corporates. Just to be averse to change. Is there any respect! But who cares, huh!

On the other side, people are striving to make room for everyone. Think it's time for me to decide. Else I would end up eating my aspiration. That would be too much of a shame.

Need to go for a vacation to get out of the negative energy. Singapore and Java would suit my bill. Even I had a plan for Mount Everest Base Camp, but I have then to wait out the rains. Let's see.

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23 June 2009

Process Process Process

Another day passed by. Did some work and mostly wiped others mess, cause they would not bloody work. Now I understood, while I was a kid why so many of my class mate were so good at playing musical chair. Is it genetic, people hate leaving the chair and on a curious note you can even see the butt marks embossed in it. Such a waste!

Enough of all this! I pity those who are struggling to make things better for these sloths to have a status quo. I should introduce you with another novelty, that's "Process". My foot! It's necessary only for people with IQ 150 and above. I sometimes feel so retard.

Doing a Dale Carnegie course or listening to Porter's lecture doesn't change unless you have the fire inside. They have been living a life out of it like this. Gosh! Everything has red tape involved and most of them doesn't have the balls to raise a point. Who cares when you get a 7 figure salary and we are through with recession too. I must have a wind tunnel between my ears to comprehend this.

It's one of the biggest asset to grow old with experience, it takes lot to stand your ground rather than finding a lame excuse to move your A$$. When you grow old with experience please value and respect people and never behave with anyone just because you were once subjected to it.

Like Mahatma says " An eye for an eye makes everyone blind".
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