04 May 2009

Why Do we Blog?

For sometime now I simply couldn't write, not that I don't want to but too many things are flying past me to keep a note. These are not stuffs that would make or break life, but pretty ordained stuffs.

I did find some instances of my last post getting unintended audience in a blog of my friend. I thought how remote we have become to vent our thoughts/feelings through such public forum. We seemed to have lost those days where in we could ask friend's patience to our emotional garbage. Never mind, couple of pegs of Cognac made me all happy.

This made me think, why do we blog in the first place! Is it:

1. To keep a note on things that happen around us?
2. To let through our success, failures, aspirations and achievements?
3. To save the dieing habit of maintaining diary that too at full public glare?
4. To put across views for the sake of it?
5. To make us evaluate/feel good about how we did connect the dots in time?
6. To connect?
7. Or is it to make a humble mark of our own existence?

There sure would be many more reasons but if you ponder why we actively nourish even the thought of putting across Blogs in full public glare you may end up finding a striking similarity with the Freud's notion of "Id". Hang on, I don't intend to give a lecture on constructs of personality traits. Just an thought though.

I have been a very shy person during my school days, I did have my fare share of friends. But I was never the type who will stand first in class (unless you are gifted with seeing the merit list inverted) nor will raise the hand when a question was thrown.

But as I did go to a boarding school (incidentally a reputed one considered by many) since I was 9 or 10 years old. I love people watching. You could actually learn a lot just by watching everyone around, just that you have to stop type casting them while you watch. Prejudice is such a killer while you want to learn your life lessons.

During all these years, all I have learned simply by people watching is insurmountable. That did made me tension averse most of the times, cause I didn't find anything worth the pain. It hardly matters in the long run. But what surely matters to me is how much I have measured myself! It's a crime to fall in your own eyes! Never let that happen.

Till that day, my ego don't hurts and I live to blog to find why I blog.

Once Socrates told, that the person who can give an answer to five why's at a go is God. Let's not try to find an answer to why these happened! Cause most likely you will get colored answers else you may not them at all.

Let's not ask why! Let's ask why not?

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