02 January 2006


Man has searched for his soul, since he has been man. So much confusion to explain something immortal, through mortal eyes. Something nonphysical, through physical thoughts. Conjecture and hypothesis, from the learned and the not. Where does it exist? Can we measure it?

Such folly. Love is your answer, and a simple one at that.

When we fear, do we not-fear death? Fear pain? Fear ridicule? Fear aloneness? But when we love, A TRUE PURE LOVE- do we fear death do we fear pain do we fear ridicule do we fear being alone This is when these mortal, physical beings briefly touch their own soul. Only through pure undiluted love, completely free of fear. Then, and only then, can we see with clear eyes, the answers for which we have so desperately searched.

Fear drives us from love, goads us into complacency, it destroys, it creates a distance between humanity, fear is mortality. Love is comfort, it does not recognize time, it has no bias, and it never started, and will never end. We do not have to create love, for it has always been there, only remove fear, for it is man made. Then we can see our soul without any fear.