21 April 2007

What does a woman want?

Everything happens for the first time.

Let me tell you a story that somehow personifies what women wants. Don't expect any magic or a potion that somehow you will engulf and be that Oh-So-Charming womanizer. It's a story that I heard over a mug of beer and somehow stayed with me even when the alcohol drained away from my blood.

Once upon a time when the world was ruled by the iron fist of a knight, there came a legend called king Arthur. In a battle king Arthur was defeated and was captured by King Solomon's army. The rule of the land was, a defeated king is as good as a dead wish. Before putting king Arthur to gallows, King Solomon gave him a choice; “Answer me one question correctly and if you can answer that I'll set you free give you back your kingdom”. King Arthur asked him the question that will eventually decide the fate of his people. King Solomon said, “ What does a woman want?” That's a pretty simply stuff for a person who is a King.

King Arthur said, “A woman wants money ,a woman wants to be proud of her man,a woman wants to feel successful”. King Solomon told king Arthur “I'll give you a year and then come back with the answer”. King Arthur went back to his kingdom to find a simple answer, an answer that foxes the very soul-mind-brain of a man even in the age of abundance. King Arthur gathered the noblest men and put forward the same question only to face confused looks and even more fuddled answer. As time went by, king Arthur became restless for the answer that eludes everyone. He came across a elderly lady with a hump in her back. Everyone around said if anyone could answer this, it will be her. King Arthur went to the elderly lady and asked “What women want?”. The lady replied, I'll answer you provided you marry me with the most eligible bachelor of the kingdom. The most eligible bachelor turned out to be king Arthur best friend. The King decided that, its better to die that to ruin the life of his friend. After much coaxing, the king finally agreed to give his the answer in return for his friend's hand. The elderly lady answered, “What a woman want is to take control of her life”. The elderly lady got married to King Arthur's friend. At the wedding night when his friend came for bed, he saw a beautiful princess waiting for her in bed, the old crooked lady was no where to be seen. The princess said to him, “Because you have been honest with me I'll give you two options; either you see me old at night and as a princess in the morning or as a princess at night and an old lady during day time.”

Had you been there what would have been your choice?

King Arthur's friend answered, “As you too have been true with me, I want you to decide what time you want to be a princess and what time you want to be an old lady”. The princess was so charmed by his reply and his honesty she stayed as a princess. Taking a cue from the story if we try to fit in our lives, somehow somewhere we all utter the words “I wish...” Every melodrama of the day is a matter of rejoice for tomorrow. Even when you are honest with someone and start building up expectations... nature has a crude way of grounding. We are only left with one question, “Why why and only why...” Socrates once said, “A person who can answer five whys at a go is God.” Over the period of time we forget that the only thing constant in life is “change”, all of a sudden the love flies off and we are only left with a mortal greed of gaining back that person. Do we ever ponder at what cost? Do we ever think that everything is not meant to happen. Aha!! I know the thoughts visiting your mind “If we have to lie on the laps of destiny then why try for anything”. My dear friend ask me how it feels, where it pains. But never clapper-claw anyone just because she was like that. I know its tough, in front of mirror when you stand alone you should always be able to look at your own eyes and be proud of that. How many of us can do that. You may be gulled, try a genuine effort to smile and say “ It's Ok”. Good things always happen to good people, is a thing better said than done. Like ways, marriages are made in heaven so are lightning and thunderstorm. Have faith in yourself so that someday you can smile over it rather than cry over something that you tried so hard but you couldn't make it.

Everything happens for the first time.
Everything happens for the last time also.

Stay foolish.
Stay hungry.