31 December 2006

Happy New Year

Every time I ponder over doing something the unrelenting laziness cantors the moment. When I try to doze off, a sense of spryness engulfs the mind. Is this vegetative state we define as mind-in-action or is it an ordinate illusion from the reality. Talking about reality it very much depends upon what we want to feel and little about what others want us to perceive.

Let’s not blabber any more into the everlasting canopy of neo-reality. Let me take you through a thought of mine that intrigued me since the time I was playing with the likes of a bunch of kids whom I so effortlessly called friends. How many times we hear the same old clich├ęd question posed to us? Though over the stretch of time with growing number of candles in our birthday cake and apparently incrementing the age-cycle we loose the overall perspective of the answer. Answers that in childhood every kid gave with a smile, what do you want to become when you grow up? Gosh! Do we still remember the answer that used to make our neighbors envy the lucidity of our sweetness or is it that we have out grown ourselves so much that pondering over such primitive issues tickles the funny bone in our body. Either ways, it is fascinating to muse over such questions. Some call it expectation others name it facing-the-reality.

The prism of thought can be best reflected when there is light. So, when this New Year starts may be just before realizing the canopy of “resolution”, ask yourself what once you have answered so gleefully and what you are today.

What do you want to become when you grow up? Happy New Year.