28 June 2009

Jun 28 2009

Did this ever hit you?

You want to write but just couldn't focus on any specifics. Will it be on the daily clutters, long lost girl, life lessons, new girls or pure cribs? Well, my thoughts are running empty for the moment.

Ummm..., it's more than a decade back when I was in my high schools I met this girl. Cute dimple face with buttoned nose. Man, she was one big chatter! Ask about something, she would promise you a trip to moon and back. I met here some days back quite unexpectedly after all these years and to my worst fear she has become a doctor! OMG!

:-) wish her all the very best and think her medicines are of more use then her generous suggestions. I'm having an head ache, need to call her up and try out which works better!

Lot of things to do even it's Sunday.

I am currently reading:

1. The Winners Stand Alone - Paulo Coelho
2. When Everything Changes Change Everything - Neale D Walsch
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27 June 2009


World's first Global Superstar. MJ we will ever be missed.

I like millions of my age, literally grew up listening to his music. What is so much astounding about MJ is he let do his style of music talking and became the first Black person to have his music video aired at MTV. 13 Grammy's and rest is history.

Today I woke up with the news and man I felt very sad. Trying to get what so ever information of this tragic event. There may be debates about the nature of debt he left behind thanks to the pink papers. But, somewhere at least a part of me is still singing Billey Jane.

MJ you will be so much missed, but you united the world with your style of music.

Watching "Gone too Soon" video from his album "Dangerous". You are truly a unifying factor.

Need to check in his album sales post these events. MJ RIP, from one of your unknown fan!

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26 June 2009

Just another Day

Subtle thoughts through out the day. Had a pretty ordinary day, something that often we pass as a regular day. No more of any space cracking stuffs.

Tried catching up with old connections, but trust me I miss the hyderabad birayani. Wish I had one! Anyways, somethings got moving at office and not much of a clarity elsewhere. Need to catch up with loads of friends, becoming a troglodyte! That's scary.

Let's see what comes tomorrow. Have a good time.

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24 June 2009


The most disappointing aspect that I find is when you get a small salary which even full fills most of your needs. It weeds out your aspiration, suffocates your spirit and ultimately throws up an aversion to change. It's pity for your 20 years of education, at least there you would have studied new subjects every year.

Some people are grossly parasitic. What I see people who shamelessly bargain tends to be lucky. And what a fool I'm to intellectually rationalize. It defeats my cognition for people who should have been more mature blindly following Pigeon Hole theory. They have made a socialism out of corporates. Just to be averse to change. Is there any respect! But who cares, huh!

On the other side, people are striving to make room for everyone. Think it's time for me to decide. Else I would end up eating my aspiration. That would be too much of a shame.

Need to go for a vacation to get out of the negative energy. Singapore and Java would suit my bill. Even I had a plan for Mount Everest Base Camp, but I have then to wait out the rains. Let's see.

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23 June 2009

Process Process Process

Another day passed by. Did some work and mostly wiped others mess, cause they would not bloody work. Now I understood, while I was a kid why so many of my class mate were so good at playing musical chair. Is it genetic, people hate leaving the chair and on a curious note you can even see the butt marks embossed in it. Such a waste!

Enough of all this! I pity those who are struggling to make things better for these sloths to have a status quo. I should introduce you with another novelty, that's "Process". My foot! It's necessary only for people with IQ 150 and above. I sometimes feel so retard.

Doing a Dale Carnegie course or listening to Porter's lecture doesn't change unless you have the fire inside. They have been living a life out of it like this. Gosh! Everything has red tape involved and most of them doesn't have the balls to raise a point. Who cares when you get a 7 figure salary and we are through with recession too. I must have a wind tunnel between my ears to comprehend this.

It's one of the biggest asset to grow old with experience, it takes lot to stand your ground rather than finding a lame excuse to move your A$$. When you grow old with experience please value and respect people and never behave with anyone just because you were once subjected to it.

Like Mahatma says " An eye for an eye makes everyone blind".
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22 June 2009

JeevanSathi on Sunday

It's the start of the week. I did make a point that every Monday beginning, I would try to be happy because I still have work to do. Not that it may change the world but it's always a great learning to change the things. :)

I had a very lazy weekend barring a movie, all I did was sleep. The good part is that it gave my system all the required rest. I'm feeling fresh and happy. Will go for swimming in the evening after work. Sometimes I wonder, I have been gradually moving in the direction where I like what I do even if it means working hard. Cause all of a sudden this feeling is creeping in me, that everything we do is for a purpose. Hopefully the purpose will be reflected in times to come.

O yes, I did change my caller tune and I'm loving it! Still have a laundry list of things to do. And one little secret, my mom has started unravelling the internet, and pounced on the matrimony sites (she compiled a list of them by now). I'm amazed to see her growth in technological understanding. Had guided her how to take print screen of a picture and send it to me via gtalk to my blackberry. Man! She was happy the moment she heard that the snap has reached me. The kind of thrill you may have felt when the pea seed in the jar turned to a plant.

I was more interested in her learning curve than the picture she shared, at least for the moment.

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21 June 2009

Movie at last

It took nearly 3 months to watched a decent movie. Last time it was during my visit to Mumbai with my good friends catching up. I like the spontaneity they have. Man! There were already enough fluid in the system, and at 3 in the afternoon people planned for a movie. Did work out though!

Today watched X Men in Kolkata. There had been a fight between film producers and multiplex owners over revenue sharing for quite sometime in India. So not so good deal was available until last week, when the strikes were called off. One thing that stuck me straight in the face is the amazingly poor service in multiplex. I went at South City to watch the movie, ordered a regular cheese popcorn and requested them to serve me at the seat. It took nearly 30 mins along with my screaming to get their a$$ moving. During intermission there were at least 15 people selling different stuffs, couple of them approached us with ice cream and coffee. Even if you tend to be courteous they keep on nagging. Think the multiplex owner is trying to rob us for their loss of revenue during summers.

Man! The prices have jacked up also. I always prefer cheese popcorn while watching a movie and trust me it is on a non sharing basis. So there had been times when I went to watch movies with friends because to full fill the urge of having both. Think if this is the scene, I better buy a pop corn machine in my house. My home theatre would be a decent replacement for the nagging and the good part is we can have fluids too! To much of sin! :)

Just a fact, last month only 5 of us watched a movie in a multiplex. The hall was empty. Had a private screening feeling, yet the nag was there!

Hope things improve, and please somebody tell them to complete the total movie watching experience they are killing the basic need to have a good time out!

Too much of bling! Gold is again a good bet for many but I agree with Warren it's most over hyped option.

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20 June 2009


It's been a decent day, considering the week that just passed. To start off with I was down with fever, then had to some hectic work to do at office, thanks to a functional assessment for a prospect. This incidentally put lot of stress into my body and most of the week my body was aching. Missed swimming entire week, so felt like a zombie.

On the downside one of my friend met with an accident of his car! But he is lucky to escape unhurt. Poor guy, the car rammed into a cow.

Well, had laid back most of the day, enjoying music and reading books. Outside the temperature is very hot and humid. Thanks to my bro for making me comfortable at 24`c.

Now may be going out, I had my eyes at a croc flip flop, need to check the budget.

See ya!


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15 June 2009

Through the Prism of our thoughts

Decisions becomes difficult when I try to see through them.

There has been a gradual comfort in my life thanks largely to my parents. Most of the people I see around would be content with this. And this is what is troubling me.

I do have more than couple of houses to stay in, have a car and have a decent job to take care of my finances and my "Incredible India" travels every quarter. I have great friends to catch up with and a near decent life.

This is exactly what is troubling me. I am gradually getting into a comfort zone. Which brings me to the unattainable question, am I missing the purpose? Am I being cocoon-ed in a Matrix?

When you leave one thing for something you are in a cusp. In there lies the zone of contemplation. Typical what-if-scenarious. Today when I see myself and my life in general I gradually feel I am moving away from the very fire that keeps burning. I have lost touch with so many things but surely I wrap my pretensions and the power of gab glides me through. Whom am I fooling? It's always the hand that gets burned which holds on to a burning rod. The trick is not to pass but to cast the rod into something.

Still I am searching a ready made dose of comfort. When I start something I expect to inherit my current happiness. Surely that would be like the cinderella story everyone grows up with, just that there is no more prince charming!

Well, I have stayed alone for some part of my life and that gave me a very good insight. I love myself a lot. It may not be a sign of selfishness, but surely this create a distraction. I hail from a part of the country that strongly believes (at least till yesterday) on socialism and communist principle. I have seen people all around me living in a minimalistic approach (may be perils of over three decades of minimalistic thinking). The other day I was driving and under the scotching heat of 42`c I see an bicycle riding in the middle of the road. I get my pane down and request the guy to ride on one side rather than slowing the traffic. You know what answer I got - "I am poor that's why you are telling me". Man, what does this say. I just have a word with a person twice my age riding in the middle of the roads and this is what the response!

I find a stark haves and haves not mentality. I dwell on these facets, then I realize this can happen when anyone has lost hope and belief in oneself. Every single human being wants to be important, that's hard coded in our primitive cerebral. It didn't change since the first homo sapeins to the 21st century humans. The size of brian remained same even after 10,000 years of evolution, what changed is the depth of the thoughts.

And in these very thoughts I try to see change. A decision to bring change, something to live for and may be to die with. I am blessed with the goodness of my near and dear ones. Still I want to break free, still I want to live a purpose. Just that I don't know what it is!

May be in some point of your life you will face these questions. May be your thoughts will give you a better measured response and may be if your decision works out good the by the theory of natural selection you will help us as a species evolve in a greater way.

Till that time, through the Prism of our thoughts I try to see a change!

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08 June 2009

Started Tweeting once again

This got to be eventful, I have started tweeting once again. And this is kind off very attaching this time. Got tweetberry in my phone and viola...

Very happy. Though I must admit I need to get my self organized to keep away the noise.

Folks at RIM you guys deserve a nobel prize. You got me addicted.

Have a happy week. Oh! Checkout on the right side of the page to follow my tweets.

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06 June 2009

Samiran Ghosh wants to keep up with you on Twitter

Samiran Ghosh wants to keep up with you on Twitter

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Morning Rantings

Yesterday night I did an overhauling of my site. The only problem I did face is the Blogs I frequent list, I have to add some other blog links too. As I use rss aggregator to read them never realized it would look so big.

Anyways, just wake up and the weather is hot and humid. Man! It took an effort to get my butt up from bed.

Well one help I may require, I couldn't locate the subscribe email link for the blog updates. Any help coming?

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05 June 2009

In Equal Relationship

"It is tempting to fall in the trap of being critical of people who are better than you but the best way to resolve inequalities is to look at what the other person is clearly superior in and learn from it. If you then add it to your existing skills, then at some point, you will supersede the person in question. 

The same inequality exists in friends and man-woman relationships. Here it gets a bit more complicated because the normal misunderstanding is that friendships and relationships are based on equality, but they are not. 

How many times does one observe the stark inequality between two friends or between man-woman relationships? How do these work then?  

Unequal relationships can only work when there is a compensatory benefit from one side. E.g Assume Rakesh and Prakash are friends. Rakesh is rich, Prakash is middle class. Rakesh always wines and dines Prakash in fancy places, the kind he is used to. Prakash though is more intelligent and a source of knowledge for Rakesh. He is also loyal to him even though he can be objectively critical of Rakesh. Also, Prakash makes sure that periodically he takes Rakesh out to cheaper but eclectic places with clean food which is a really different experience for Rakesh. 

Krish and Nishi are married. Krish is good looking and intelligent, Nishi is a bit above average in looks and intelligence but not equal to Krish. In the beginning years of the marriage, everything is hunky dory because Nishi adulates Krish and is an avid learner. Krish enjoys being a mentor and watches her bloom. As she becomes better, she gets more respect all around and suddenly starts thinking that she is equal to Krish. She starts arguing and fighting with him which not only hurts the relationship but also her own growth.  

Over a period of time, one gets used to the inequality and even the person on the wrong side of the equation starts expecting more. This lack of awareness causes trouble. 

Unequal relationships work as long the equation is clear on both sides. Suppose one is a 7 and the other a 5 and they know it, its OK. The moment the 5 starts thinking that they are a 7 or the 7 starts thinking like they are a 9, there are issues. If the 7 is a benevolent 7 and the 5 treats the 7 with respect and tries to become a 7, it's a great equation. 

On a controversial closing note, women always are happier if the man is more intelligent, stronger and capable than them. This does not mean that a woman is less than a man, it only means that she may like a man who is lesser than her but instinctively she looks for a man who is superior to her."

-- You may not agree or partly agree. But we still strive for Equalities!

I Still Fail to Learn

Some times I come across people who fail to learn. Oh come on!

We always learn right! The learning sinks in when we are pushed to the edge.

Till that time we try to rationalize our point of view with ethics, morality, religion, hard work and sometimes the teachings of kindergarten Moral science classes. When we fail to make a headway we look outward for an answer. Some get answers from outward even some create a rational expression of self containment. Rest try to look inward for a just explanation.

I'm baffled by this philosophy. Though I must admit I did took long time to learn lot of things. It took me even more time to accept certain things which I never thought of. These made me realize three important aspects:

1. Everyone should taste loosing cause may be the fear from oneself goes away and the cliche learning out of it is there.
2. Never to react but to respond. Try it once even forcefully it will surely change your world.
3. Silence is golden. In the initial phase it is very difficult to be silent but after sometime it works.

These are easier said that done. For once I'm trying to implement.

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