28 July 2006


Fight! Punch! Kick!
Don't bleed. Don’t' cry. Don't repent.

Since the time we are born till the time we pass away we fight with ourselves assuming that we are fighting for ourselves. These fights make us grow the world around us and eventually we shrink to that very point where we started all these fights. Life is a zero sum game. For instance, a newborn child fights for survival away from the comfort of mothers' womb with itself to accommodate itself towards the realities of the world. With the passage of time we fight with ourselves to bridge the gap between our aspirations and realities. While we mature we fight with ourselves to the extent of compromises we are ready to make. When we eventually have families we again start fighting with our aspiration and realities about what we want our kids to do. Then on later ages we fight with ourselves in accepting the realities. At the end we fight to link ourselves away from the earthly pleasure to the eternal truth that whenever there is a beginning there is an end, leaving behind a life full of struggle, a sojourn.

Just that in this fight with us we don't bleed, cry or repent only grow into different stages of life and leave behind the past as heap of experiences for others to fight.

25 July 2006

Resurrection of a Prince

Nothing beats the survival instinct. Nothing can be scarier when the only thing left is to count the seconds; hoping it turns to minutes, wishing the minutes passes into hours and hours into days.

The ordeal started innocuously. In a country where the senses of civic authorities are a debated topic, instances like a boy drowning in a open man-hole, an old man falling into an open pit or an old lady washed away due to poor drainage system are a matter of routine news. Then, what made the news of a 6-year-old village boy from Kurukshetra falling in an uncovered pit 52 ft deep with a diameter of just 18” different?

He refused to die.

Even after staying in the claustrophobic darkness for 50 hours when millions of 6 year olds are lying in the comfort of the near ones playing in the greenery of this world exploring their innocence. He refused to die. When his friends were playing with toys and making merry. He was playing with fate and an almost assured oblivion. It all started when a 6-year-old boy named Prince from a village located in Kurukshetra in Northern India was playing with his friends inadvertently fell into an open pit dug up by the civic authorities. The time was 6 o’clock in the evening. Sitting at the nadir, 52 ft below the ground in total darkness without water food or any social help. The 6-year-old boy whose birthday is just couple of days away is hoping for a miracle or was he too young to understand the dimensions of miracles. Destiny never plays an open-ended game.

Help came in the form of efforts by the villagers after nearly 6 hours, they tried to put a rope and a bag down at the bottom so that the child can be rescued. Nothing worked out. Prince was left in his own fate. Next morning the news spread to the local authorities. The police tried its best but to no avail. A good 24 hours had passed. He was still sitting in the darkness waiting someone somehow to help him. Without food-water and a feeling of desperation the waiting continued.

He still refused to die.

The army was called in along with the doctors. The news of this boy has become headlines in all major news channels across India. People started pouring in. Psychologists, Ex-Fireman started giving the technical analysis of the case in hand. The nation was again gripped with agony. A 6-year-old boy has roused the emotions of a nation of 1.3 billion people. The doctors arranged for an oxygen supply in the pit through a pipe. A plan of action was taken. The armed forces started Operation Prince. With the guidance of 16 Engineering Corps based in Ambala, the army moved in. A well was to be dug 7 ft away from the pit, which will connect the pit through a tunnel. A CCTV camera along with a light bulb was sent in the pit. The first picture of the boy sitting in the pit was displayed. Millions of people across India were assured that the boy is alive. The tedious job of digging a well was undergoing. It was almost 30 hours. The 6-year-old boy looked at the camera with fear. The first words were “Papa, please save me!” he started crying in fear. The gate of resilience was breaking. The country ached in agony. People from all over the nation along with different places of the world started calling various news channels to pass on their prayers. The chord of 6-year-old boy touched million hearts. Food along with water and glucose was sent in to the boy. At 3 am in the morning he was sent in with chocolates. The first communication between the father and that boy took place during that time. The tide was turning. Deep sense of insecurity was somehow patched. Food was sent in. As food is universal to living species it draws so many of living organisms. Insects also came in to have a share beneath the normal grasp of humans. Millions watched in distress the 6-year-old small boy trying to get the better of a small insect. Trying to trash it by throwing moulds of sand. Even living in 21st century the resonances of the prehistoric means are so pronounced. The army kept on digging another hole. Things were going perfectly just to be interrupted by rains. There was panic everywhere. People were running not for their cover but to arrange cover for the pit so that the 6-year-old doesn’t get affected anymore. The nation skipped a beat.

Next morning things settled down for the better. When India woke up in Sunday, the only news that dotted was the fate of the little boy, the struggle of the 6-year-old. Politicians flocked in. The Prime Minister made a statement. More equipments alongwith specialists were called in. Today is Prince’s birthday. Just that he is lying 52 ft down from the surface.

He refused to die.

Morning rolled into afternoon and afternoon rolled into evening. The army completed digging the well; they were now making the tunnel. The nation was praying in Temples, Mosques, Churches, and Gurudwaras. News of prayers irrespective of age from the length and breadth of the country was coming in. It was almost 50 hours. The picture of a hand of an army man reaching the hand of Prince was euphoric to millions of people glued to the news.

He has done it. He has done it!!

A 6-year-old boy beat death with his resolve to just stay alive. In a world that is dotted by so many complexities, a small boy from a near anonymous village with only hope and resolve and may be prayers of millions just caused a miracle.

Seriously nothing beats the survival instinct.