28 June 2009

Jun 28 2009

Did this ever hit you?

You want to write but just couldn't focus on any specifics. Will it be on the daily clutters, long lost girl, life lessons, new girls or pure cribs? Well, my thoughts are running empty for the moment.

Ummm..., it's more than a decade back when I was in my high schools I met this girl. Cute dimple face with buttoned nose. Man, she was one big chatter! Ask about something, she would promise you a trip to moon and back. I met here some days back quite unexpectedly after all these years and to my worst fear she has become a doctor! OMG!

:-) wish her all the very best and think her medicines are of more use then her generous suggestions. I'm having an head ache, need to call her up and try out which works better!

Lot of things to do even it's Sunday.

I am currently reading:

1. The Winners Stand Alone - Paulo Coelho
2. When Everything Changes Change Everything - Neale D Walsch
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