27 June 2009


World's first Global Superstar. MJ we will ever be missed.

I like millions of my age, literally grew up listening to his music. What is so much astounding about MJ is he let do his style of music talking and became the first Black person to have his music video aired at MTV. 13 Grammy's and rest is history.

Today I woke up with the news and man I felt very sad. Trying to get what so ever information of this tragic event. There may be debates about the nature of debt he left behind thanks to the pink papers. But, somewhere at least a part of me is still singing Billey Jane.

MJ you will be so much missed, but you united the world with your style of music.

Watching "Gone too Soon" video from his album "Dangerous". You are truly a unifying factor.

Need to check in his album sales post these events. MJ RIP, from one of your unknown fan!

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