24 June 2009


The most disappointing aspect that I find is when you get a small salary which even full fills most of your needs. It weeds out your aspiration, suffocates your spirit and ultimately throws up an aversion to change. It's pity for your 20 years of education, at least there you would have studied new subjects every year.

Some people are grossly parasitic. What I see people who shamelessly bargain tends to be lucky. And what a fool I'm to intellectually rationalize. It defeats my cognition for people who should have been more mature blindly following Pigeon Hole theory. They have made a socialism out of corporates. Just to be averse to change. Is there any respect! But who cares, huh!

On the other side, people are striving to make room for everyone. Think it's time for me to decide. Else I would end up eating my aspiration. That would be too much of a shame.

Need to go for a vacation to get out of the negative energy. Singapore and Java would suit my bill. Even I had a plan for Mount Everest Base Camp, but I have then to wait out the rains. Let's see.

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  1. Kya Dude.. bahut frusto ho rahe ho .....

  2. Chillao man! I too learnt it the hard way. Fly down to Mumbai :)

  3. leave the job... thats the first thing you must do now...