23 June 2009

Process Process Process

Another day passed by. Did some work and mostly wiped others mess, cause they would not bloody work. Now I understood, while I was a kid why so many of my class mate were so good at playing musical chair. Is it genetic, people hate leaving the chair and on a curious note you can even see the butt marks embossed in it. Such a waste!

Enough of all this! I pity those who are struggling to make things better for these sloths to have a status quo. I should introduce you with another novelty, that's "Process". My foot! It's necessary only for people with IQ 150 and above. I sometimes feel so retard.

Doing a Dale Carnegie course or listening to Porter's lecture doesn't change unless you have the fire inside. They have been living a life out of it like this. Gosh! Everything has red tape involved and most of them doesn't have the balls to raise a point. Who cares when you get a 7 figure salary and we are through with recession too. I must have a wind tunnel between my ears to comprehend this.

It's one of the biggest asset to grow old with experience, it takes lot to stand your ground rather than finding a lame excuse to move your A$$. When you grow old with experience please value and respect people and never behave with anyone just because you were once subjected to it.

Like Mahatma says " An eye for an eye makes everyone blind".
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